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the Algarve
The Algarve shows you a variaty of different landscaping;

1. West-algarve with the sometimes bizar rockformations where you find beautifus little bays with white sandy beaches.

2. East-algarve with the long sandy beaches from Faro towards the Spanish boarder. Here you find the natural parc called Ria Formosa which is always changing with the differences in the tides. Here you find a great variety of bird and fish.

3. The unbelievable hillsides from this sub-tropical region with beautiful cork oak trees, small rivers and lonely deserted villages where you still can see the influences of the Romans or Moran who came from Africa.The highest hillsides are the Monchique with stunning views all the way to the atlantic ocean.
the Climate:
In the Algarve you find a mild and mediterranean climate with African influence. Spring starts in January with the almondblossom and the temperatures are in between 15°C - 18°C. In May starts the summer with moderated temperatures and the evenings are still nice and cool. Then the temperature slowly rice up to 30°C or even more in August but near the beach you can get a nice breeze from the ocean. From September on can start already a little rain and mother nature loves it because it is dry and the soil needs some water. The East-algarve stayes longer warm and it is most of the time still so nice in October that it is very pleasant to swim in the sea. As they say the Algarve has the best climate of Europe.

westalgarve hillside
the food
The fish best known in the Algarve is of cause the Sardine. Grilled the Portuguese way on charcoal just with some salt from the saltlakes which you find mostly on the East-algarve coastline.. The Algarve fishmarket is a must to see like the big market in Olhao where they sell their catch of the day and try the several little restaurants and eat clams or coquilhas or if you like the codfish style Portuguese with lots of onions, garlic, potatos and fresh coriander. Choose a housewine from Portugal like the green wine called vinho verde and you have unforgetable holydays
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